1... Nc6 against nearly everything

Month: January 2021

What does the TDKS adept play with White?

Question: As a adept of 1…Nc6, what do I play with White?

Answer: The (almost) only opening move against which The Dark Knight System is not recommended.

Question: Which one is that?

Answer: 1.f4 – the Bird opening.

Question: And why is 1…Nc6 not good against Bird?

Answer: It says so here.

Question: I have never played the Bird – surely I have to study a mountain of opening theory beforehand, don’t I?

Answer: The literature on Bird, including DVDs, fits easily into your hand luggage.

Question: But what about the From Gambit 1.f4 e5, or the annoying symmetry variation 1.f4 f5?

Answer: There is a new book 🙂 (at the time only in German 🙁) fresh off the printing press:

1… Nc6 against titled players (update 30.12.2020)

In one of my last games of 2020 I improved my record against title holders: a blitz game (3 min + 2 sec) against WIM Bianka Havanecz ended in a deserved and never seriously threatened draw. To be honest, it has to be added that Havanecz was streaming and chatting during the game, which is very good for entertainment, not so much for the quality of her own play. Her surprised exclamation at the start of the game (“Knight c6? What???”) is, of course, something every TKDS adept is only too happy to hear.

My personal record with The Dark Knight System against titled playersis as follows:

34 games, from Bullet to Blitz and Rapid to Classical: 8 * NM, 7 * CM, 12 * FM, 1 * WIM, 5 * IM, 1 * GM (Viacheslav Tilicheev).

The result:

7 wins
5 draws
22 defeats

Makes a point yield of 28%. For an amateur player against title holders (all games logically with Black) a good result (as an amateur I count every half point against such opponents as a success).