1... Nc6 against nearly everything

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King Hunt

To get such a mate picture on the board against a 2,000+ opponent (even if “only” in a blitz game), you have to rely on The Dark Knight System:

Scandinavian variation with Nb5, d5 and Bf4

In the 4th round of the online tournament 1st Classical Saturday (time control 60 min. + 30 sec.) my opponent chose the most aggressive and critical continuation in the Scandinavian variantof The Dark Knight System (Nb5 together with d5 and Bf4 and sharp attack against point c7). This happens very rarely in online games, HowHorseyMoves seemed to be prepared (he played the first nine moves remarkably fast). The game thus became a real practical test of the variation, as it was also an online game with classic time control.

<iframe src="https://lichess.org/study/embed/xLtWz4NY/KSFonsxF?theme=wood&amp;bg=auto" width="600" height="371" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Conclusion: After the knight’s retreat in the 11th move, White loses a pawn and must seek compensation through complications. This can be successful; whether it is better than the continuation 11.Nc7 must be shown in further games in practice.