Dr. Stefan Breuer

My times as an active club player go back more than 25 years (and ended up in the so called German Oberliga).

At that time, chess clocks were still analogue (“The plate has fallen!”), Chessbase was only available for ATARI computers, instead of ELO or DWZ, the national rating system was called INGO, and the club’s best youth player had no trouble beating commercial chess computers.

Today I dedicate myself to Caissa’s challenges as an online player (preferably Rapid and Classical as well as correspondence chess) and as an author.

AGM diploma

Since 2017 I have been FIDE Arena Grandmaster (AGM), an amateur title of the World Chess Federation, which can only be acquired online in FIDE’s own online arena.

Online chess I play mainly on Lichess under the nickname Moritex. There I moderate a Team Classical Weekend and organise online tournaments with classical time control.

I play correspondence chess, among others, in the server tournaments of the ICCC (International Correspondence Chess Federation).