Question: As a adept of 1…Nc6, what do I play with White?

Answer: The (almost) only opening move against which The Dark Knight System is not recommended.

Question: Which one is that?

Answer: 1.f4 – the Bird opening.

Question: And why is 1…Nc6 not good against Bird?

Answer: It says so here.

Question: I have never played the Bird – surely I have to study a mountain of opening theory beforehand, don’t I?

Answer: The literature on Bird, including DVDs, fits easily into your hand luggage.

Question: But what about the From Gambit 1.f4 e5, or the annoying symmetry variation 1.f4 f5?

Answer: There is a new book 🙂 (at the time only in German 🙁) fresh off the printing press: